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Zero Sweetener Liquid Splenda

No Calorie Sweetener

25 Bottle Wholesale Pack for Retail

"Tastes Like Sugar Because We Start With Sugar" 


Retailers, you can now sell Zero in your store

25 bottles including a handsome countertop display box shown above 


Retail for $10.95 per bottle.

What are people saying about FAT TO SKINNY Zero Sweetener

Sarah says- ZERO! I tried the first drop on my tongue and it was delightful! It tasted like regular sugar, no aftertaste. I used a couple drops in a glass of almond milk and it was perfect! I used a few drops in some cream on strawberries and was completely satisfied! Wonderful stuff! ZERO will be my #1 sweetener! Thank you Doug and Umpa!  I used a couple drops in a cup of tea and it worked just like in the cold stuff.

Jan says-  I am so excited about FTS Zero!   Right after I opened the package, I had a big glass of iced tea with 2 drops....so good!   This morning, I used it to sweeten a chocolate one minute muffin, used 1 drop to sweeten my cream cheese spread, and 3 drops in a BIG cup of Starbucks.....each way I tried it was AWESOME!   This will BE my new sweetener!   Thanks Doug & Umpa for a GREAT product!!

Tony says-I just got my 2 bottles yesterday! Put ONE drop on my tongue and WOW!... This stuff is GREAT!!!  Potent, lasting sweetness without a funny aftertaste. And to be able to enjoy it without fear of causing a stall out or potty issues makes this stuff fantastic! When I run out of Xylitol, this stuff will be my exclusive sweetener! :)


Amber says- Just got my 2 bottles yesterday and passed 1 on to a friend.  I used a couple of drops in my One Minute Chocolate Muffin (double batch) this morning and it was perfect!  Planning to try a cheesecake tonight!  No after taste, no tummy issue.

Joanne Says- FTS ZERO is " da bomb"! I received mine yesterday and used one drop in my coffee with a bit of heavy cream and you would think I had used a heaping tablespoon of Xylitol. Umpa is not kidding when she says a little goes a long way. Start out with a drop and taste after each additional drop unless you are following a recipe and do the conversion from Xylitol to Zero. For those of you that have not yet ordered this, Whatcha waiting for? LOL!! Thanks Doug & Sherri for this great product!

Alex says- This not only an amazing tasting product but so easy to carry around. I tried with my coffee and had NO after taste.  I'm very excited. Bought 2. One at work n one in my purse at all times.  thanks Doug n Umpa.  A big kiss to you both.  Hope it goes national!

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Keep all your recipes sugar free, carb free, calorie free and sugar alcohol free by using Liquid Splenda FAT TO SKINNY ZERO Sweetener

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